Thursday, April 16, 2009

Praise Helpmate International


Praise Helpmate Foundation (PHF)
Praise Helpmate Foundation as an organization in 1998 with tracts distributions at Abeokuta and Lagos axes with about three (3) sponsors. Tract distribution took Mr Lanre A. Praise to various churches such as Four Square Gospel Church, Redeemed Christian Church of God to mention a few. These tracts were written under divine guidance. Unfortunately, this God-given vision suffered a major setback due to doctrinal difference among churches, which actually limited the circulation to few churches.
As a result of the first setback, he engaged in free Bible distribution to churches. After all, the problem of doctrinal differences cannot affect free Bible distribution. The distribution is usually through the Post office. By a way of widen the scope of the distribution, the Bible were taken to churches, after few exhortation from the word of God, Bible were given out to those members present.
Unfortunately, in the short run, many ministers were advocating that the bulk of the Bible should be deposited in thier churches while they would handle the distribution. This move actually negates the purpose of the vision because some of the Bible would have been found in the market places of sale if allowed. This led to a temporary hurt in the free distribution of Bibles. Despite all these obstacles, the chairman was resolute to achieve God's purpose because if God had given a vision. He has also given a future for it. So, the next move was to assist in alleviating poverty among Nigrians, especially those subjected to unqualified hardship by distributing foodstuffs to the less privileged in the society. As at that time, it was a great relief to the masses. But many of the mangers employed for the purpose were fraudlent, self-centred and irresponsible. They were collecting these items without the getting to the actual beneficiaries. This eventually led to the stoppage of the entire operation by terminating their employment in order to re-organize.
As He was battling with these problems, he discovered another set of people that require his urgent assistance. Many young school leavers wanted to go for computer training but they were incapacitated financially. He started by buying them computer text-books to familiarize them with the subject matter and at the same time to enhance their learning ability. After that, he negotiated with some private computer-training centres to train these young but purposeful youths at a reduced fee. In no distant time, he realized that the candidates were discriminated against. A quality attention was given to other students to the detriment of his own candidates due to differences in fees paid.
This actually posed a great challange to him. Then, he was intuitively directed by the Holy Spirit to start free computer training nationwide in order to assist as many as would be interested.
Without wasting time, he moved swiftly to the seat of Nigerian Government i.e Federal Capital Territory, Abuja to start the execution of this laudable vision.
The major problem faced at this junction was of unbelief on the part of the people. they cannot fathom the authencity of such a programme, so free as to paying nothing for the training. This actually translated to their lack of seriousness, which led to payment of N100 of as registration free to stop all these demeanor. After obliterating all uncertainties and skepticism, I forged ahead to plant schools at Sagamu and Ibadan respectively.
From this point forward, the organization had been growing in leaps and bounds towards all directions within the boundary of the country.


  • To make the youth applicant to be self-employed through qualitative FREE COMPUTER TRAINING for a meximum period of three months

  • To make a Computer systems accessible to all interested students by selling to them complete multi-media computer set with printer at a highly subsidized rate.
  • To assist our students by providing them with necessary materials like stationary, compactdisk, diskette, Complete Bible, T-shirt etc. through JET COURIER PACKAGES.
  • Providing financial support to ministries that are not church based to enable such ministries fulfill their God given vision.
  • Provision of scholarship to the less privileged in the society.